Our Achievement

Our Achievements with Naula

Before Naula Foundation

This village has history of water scarcity in summer despite situated at the hillock along the bank of river Gagas which is almost in dying state due to civic apathy. In the past this region is full of natural water resources like Naula, Dhaare, Gadhere, Kuhl etc but those are dried now. So here we have little rays of hope to make them alive and utilize their water for drinking, farming, cattle use etc.

Our Efforts

Naula Foundation with the help of local volunteers recreated heavy special water halding plantation to maintain the ecological biodiversity, made Continuous Contour Trenches, small pit band, CHAW/KHAW. Right from the top dig CCT as you come lower on waste line dig CCB(Continuous Contour Bunds) and on farm lands use Farm Bunds. Along the drainage line on the rivers right from the top do gully Plugs, Nala bunds, gabion structure and finally check dames.

Results After our Efforts

Even the nature could not wait to help us in our great efforts, and it rained and rained a lot. Digs, Pits, CCT, Bunds were fully loaded with rain water, tree roots stored that water, and finally we saw the water in Naula.
It is the same Naula which was dry two months back. But our journey does not end here. LOT MORE TO DO…