Kheer Ganga

500+ Springs
The magic of our ground report
In the first phase of project major surveys and management plans would be prepared for the watershed and the rejuvenation would carried out in the most affected part of the river approximately 5 Km patch between Bijaypur Village to Pujakhet village.

45+ Villages
Kheer Ganga is the life line for them
More then 45 villages are dependent on Kheer Ganga. Their water demand is fulfilled by this river or its supporting springs. Other then these villages, Dwarahat Market, many schools and collages are also dependent on Kheer Ganga.

1000+ Volunteer

Kheer Ganga rejuvenation is the utmost ambition for them

More then 1000 volunteer are continuously working on ground be it data collection, PRA, dialog with villagers they are always on their toes.