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Naula Foundation has a number of opportunities for people from diverse fields to contribute and be a part of this movement. Most volunteer activities will take place in Uttrakhand or Central Himalayn region and Gangetic Plains in whole year in the field of Water Conservation, Plantation Drive, Mapping of Springshed /Watershed, Community Outreach Program, Himalayan Ecological and Biodiversity Research Activities, Impact of Climate Change in Hindukush Himalayan Region & Water Conservation Awareness Campaigns, Workshops, Cleanliness Drive and achievement of all Sustainable Development Goals (Vision SDG2030) as per standard of United Nations Development Program.

One of our key activities is an initiative called Reverse Migration (Back to the Villages), in which we invite people to offer free work or campaigns in certain villages or base camps areas. It is an opportunity for city dwellers to make a trip to the villages and lend villagers a hand in building watershed structures, mapping, trekking, and census recordings. We have found that both urban and rural folk benefit and greatly enjoy this interaction. To register for this or any of our other volunteer programs conducted by Naula Foundation, please fill up our Naula Mitra Form.

Naula Foundation (regd.) a nonprofit, Civil Volunteer Organization registered under Indian State Trust Acts with all necessary certifications aiming towards Conservation of Traditional Natural Water Resources and Himalayan ecosystem via. grassroots level solutions and innovations though research. A core team provides leadership, makes strategy and ensures effective management, implementation and monitoring to conserve the ecosystem, revive the natural ground water level and restoration of natural environment. We have successfully conducted various public events & effective awareness programs including workshops and seminars in the past. We are committed to facilitate such activities which give a better environment to our future. We wish to work with a team of CSR Resource Organizations and Individuals Intellectuals including Scientists, Ecologists, Geologists and Hydrologists who provide their vision and develop strategy in line with Naula Foundations ultimate goal to see a revived civilization.

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If you would like to work with us in any capacity, please email your CV to and we will reach out to you as and when we have a suitable opportunity for you.