Mrs. Charu Agrawal 22 May

Mrs. Charu Agrawal

I am proud to be associated with the Save water society of India which is exclusively working in fields of water conservation of traditional resources of water via various community outreach program on grassroots levels with the help of intellectuals of worldwide approach. I appreciate the working style. My full support to this great initiative for human kind. The whole world is suffering with the water deficits and future is very scary; rainfall is considered to be one of the primary sources of fresh water, it is not conserved in an appropriate manner, leading to scarcity of water across the water situation could be different if rainwater is harvested in an appropriate way. The Non Network Sanitation systems also the many parts of the country, of proper wastewater treatment from industrial, mining, and domestic sources is resulting in increased contamination of groundwater, leading to potential threats to humans as well as the ecosystems.
Irrespective of the proximity to a water body, there are states that still face water shortage.

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