Dr. Suresh Mathpal 21 Aug

Dr. Suresh Mathpal

The Uttarakhand state is well known world over for its beauteous landscape, scenic terrain, rich bio- endowment in flora- fauna and diversity in art and culture. At the same time, it is considered to be one of the most fragile ecosystems on the globe where natural and manmade factors contribute effectively to its continuous degradation, resulting into serious socio-economic and environmental deterioration. The griminess of the scenario is best reflected in the form of speedily depleting common property resources, change in climate and soil assuming a trend of diminishing returns. Major consequence of this situation has affected the women and girl child most, because in the hill economy, it is considered to be their inherent duty to fetch water, collect fuel wood, fodder and leaf litter apart from daily household chores, agricultural activities and care of children and old. Working experience of HIMANI & other NGOs have identified three general but major problems of Uttarakhand. These includes: High work load on women; High rate of migration of males and Ecological degradation. Natural resource based development with livelihoods promotion is the only key to solve these problems.