Dr. Naveen Chandra Joshi 21 Aug

Dr. Naveen Chandra Joshi

Himalaya which has been a meeting place to various cultures, traditions and believes is a rich reservoir of traditional knowledge as well. Naula (conserved natural aquifer) is itself a symbol of our rich cultural heritage and scientific thinking of our ancestors. Today due to globalization and urbanization we have forgotten the traditional and cultural values of our natural resources but I am happy to say that Naula foundation formed on the principal goal of sustainable development to build a healthy, sustainable environment, address climate change, and protect the earth for future generations is working as a catalyst in the process of generating global solutions to the current climate crisis by combining traditional knowledge and western science together.
This foundation is not only working as a nonprofit, civic volunteer organization but as a mass movement. The way it has emerged and become the common name for dedication and passion towards conservation of natural ecosystems among the youth of the Hilly region I am confident that it would bring long-lasting impact on the way of thinking of the society about their environment which would further, help natural resources to revive itself that too by people’s science. I am also confident that this impactful initiative of cooperation between the scientific community and a common man would also help in making urgent actions a necessity in every aspect of our life.