Adv. Urvashi Yadav 22 Mar

Adv. Urvashi Yadav

NAULA FOUNDATION is a combination of active and considerate ecologists, socialists and environmentalists who have promised to join hands and work towards securing a better and greener future. From a small step to a bigger change NAULA FOUNDATION is striving towards reviving not just the nature mother but also the rare found feeling of Humanity. Humanity, not only towards the mankind but towards trees and animal, rivers and ponds, hills and valley that have fallen prey of man’s materialistic and self- centered behaviour. Take a minute and think about the lives we are living, everyday day survival is becoming a struggle for those who have fallen for the hazardous and intolerable air that we are breathing. A step is enough, one tree one person is all that we need.
We, as NAULA family, humbly plea to you to realize, introspect and analysis what damage has been caused to our mother nature through our actions and further what betterment can be done…because its never too late and its not over yet. lets choose a path and make it green.. lets walk towards prosperity, good health and happy future. lLets make peace with nature and end this war on a green note
#savewater #savetrees #planttrees
Adv. Urvashi Yadav