Himanshu Raj 15 Aug

Himanshu Raj

Most of organisation in India work for child education, some for women empowerment and some for orphanage, but there are very few who are working for maintaining the greenery around and who really care for environment *Naula Foundation* is one of them in very distinct manner.
Globally, forest cover is one-third less than what it once was and global deforestation continues at 13 million hectares per year.This indiscriminate felling of trees threatens the environmental health and sustainability of communities in rural and urban milieu.Social forestry needs to be undertaken on a large scale to reverse the ill effects of deforestation and restore the ecological balance. It will also contribute towards creating a carbon sink and increasing green cover
*Naula Foundation* Tree Plantation Program is a response to the substantial climate change and sustainability challenges, like water supply and biodiversity loss. Through proactive environmental advocacy, the program has catalysed tree plantation Program in Uttrakhand, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan It strongly encourages the plantation of indigenous trees and plants that are advantageous to the local ecosystem.
Youth involment in this noble cause is most integral and essential fact.Naula Foundation team is planing to organize workshops on kitchen gardens, photosynthesis, water harvesting systems and even popular films, the programme aims to equip the young mind with a proper outlook towards taking care of nature.Lets kids grow with there plantation will be the eventual aim…